Have you ever hired and worked with a freelance writer before? Is a white paper really what you need? Do you know how to get the most mileage out of your company's white papers, case studies, Web content and technical articles? Is your product or Website ready for translation yet, or do you need to do some more work on it first?

Here's a page of links to blogs, papers and articles on writing and localization that will help you answer some of these questions. Contact us if you want to learn more about hiring a writer or localizing your products for worldwide markets. There's nothing else we'd rather talk about.

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"How to Buy Writing Talent"

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Have you outsourced your content creation and editing to freelance writers before? What should you keep in mind when you decide to hire a writer? What do writers have in mind when you hire them? Whether you've worked with outside writers in the past or are new to it, you'll finish this paper with insights into both sides of the equation, including costs, expectations, preparation and the review cycle.


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"Opening the Black Box, Part I"

Opening the Black Box, Part I

Demystifying the Processes of Localization and Translation

Do you have a glossary for your localized products? Do your translators use translation memory? Does your product need internationalization ("I18n"), or can you dive right into localization ("L10n")? Do you understand the process of creating worldwide products? If localization seems like a black box to you, this paper is the best place to start.


"Opening the Black Box, Part II"

Opening the Black Box, Part II

Demystifying the Costs of Localization and Translation

Do you think it costs too much time and money to localize your products? Costs are closely tied to Too Many Words, so do you know where Too Many Words lurk in your software, documentation and Web site? This paper will help you start finding them and lower your translation costs.


"Going Global Without Going Broke"

Going Global Without Going Broke

Budgeting for Your Translation Projects

This article explains some facts of life about the cost for Web page translations, how much it costs to translate a document, how translation agencies and translators charge for their services, and how to keep your translation costs in check.


"Where ARE Those Strings???"

Where ARE Those Strings???

Externalizing UI Strings from Code--Tips for the Windows Developer

Are there still untranslated strings showing up in your user interface or messages? Do you know all of the places in which these strings like to hide? This paper will help you track them down methodically for better quality in your global products.


"Creating and Maintaining a Global Web Site"

Creating and Maintaining a Global Web Site

...You have to cook and clean up.

You've finally launched your global Web site, but why do you face so many challenges from in-country teams, Web developers and your ever-changing IT infrastructure? This presentation emphasizes the point that localizing a Web site is one thing and maintaining a localized Web site is another.


"Vendors, Proposals and Other Necessary Evils"

Vendors, Proposals and Other Necessary Evils

Ten Tips for Finding, Selecting and Living With Your Localization Vendor

What do you do now that you have the proposals? Which other criteria are there for selecting a vendor? How can you reduce other project management risks? If you're responsible for your firm's localization project, these 10 tips will help you succeed.


"Localization Process Flowchart"

Localization Process Flowchart

Not Everything That is Simple is Easy

"What's the big deal?" "Aren't you finished with those three languages yet?" "Why can't you slip the localization project in with everything else you're doing?" If you're facing questions like these (or if you want to prepare answers for when you do face them), this flowchart will help describe the stakeholders, the sequence, and the phases of a typical localization project. Daunting, yes, but good ammunition.


"Seeing the International Forest for the Trees"

Seeing the International Forest for the Trees

Making a Global Effort That Fits The Organization

How can you tune your global effort to your organization's broader strategic goals? Why is this important? What happens if you don't? This article will help you improve your chances for success as you go global.


"China, IP Protection and Trust"

China, IP Protection and Trust

This paper explores the issue of trust with your prospective Chinese business partners, examining common expectations for the relationship, the best ways to approach business development, and Chinese experience with The West.


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